To dream while waking (wilderness of things)

To dream while waking asks you to daydream consciously. To see with eyes half-closed what we cannot see with eyes wide open; the wildness of things. The agency and persistence of the things we have made, an agency or being which precedes and exceeds their human-use value as consumer goods. It invites you to enter seriously into playful imaginings and fabulations for a post-anthropocentric lifeworld, a wilderness of things. You are welcome to spend as long or as short a time as you wish in the dwelling space. You may engage with the space on your own, or you may choose to participate in an imagination-encounter with a nonhuman entity.

To Dream While Waking interactive installation for the 2019 Art Association of Australia & New Zealand (AAANZ) conference Ngā Tūtaki -Encounter/s: Agency, Embodiment, Exchange, Ecologies
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