Research history

Collective and collaborative projects

idle hands, from Put Up Your Dukes II, 2013

PUT UP YOUR DUKES! 2013 A collaboration with Gabrielle Amodeo at Blue Oyster Art Project Space and Pearce Gallery

flower performance X, 2012

Flower Performance X, 2012 A performance and installation in the group show Silk and Lace: 13th Anniversary Gifts at Blue Oyster Art Project Space

Wall paper at exhibition opening, 2010

A Recipe For Personal Pleasure, 2010. A four person show at the Hastings City Art Gallery.

Painting, drawings and Objects

Perfect World

7. San Francisco Wild Flowers

Paintings (2016)

Avoiding Mastery

paintings (2014) 

keeping it in the family

paintings (2007)

2006 come on you little rabbit

paintings (2006)

2007-2009 paintings

paintings (2007-2009)

2002-2009 drawings


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