milk bottle


milkbottle screen shot

this is a story about a milk bottle,

this milk bottle

this particular, individual milk bottle that I once held in my hand.


I bought a bottle of milk , because I wanted some milk


I bought this milk bottle

Because I wanted the milk that was inside it

Now the milk bottle is empty and I will throw it away into the recycling bin.

This is normal, I do this twice a week


but I am uncomfortable.

I feel a strange sense of compassion for the plastic milk bottle

as am heading towards the recycling bin.

it is a strong useful container and I am throwing it away

just because I don’t need it.

It fits my hand and calls out to me that it could hold something for me,

it could contain something I needed, some water, some milk.


But I don’t need this milk bottle as I have another one

full of milk in the fridge


I am doubtful of its recycled future.

Maybe it will get made into a worm farm.

But I think maybe it won’t


It will outlast me by a thousand years, somewhere, away


I feel sorry that we, as a people, made it,

I feel sorry that we will use it only once, this bottle


I have betrayed the materials we called upon to make it,

and now I betray the entity that it has become.


I am regretful and ashamed as I close the recycling bin.

Link to Milk Bottle story


Milk bottle installation

lie back in the recliner and watch the milk bottle rotate. the speakers by your ears whisper “this is the story of a milk bottle, this particular…….”

milk bottle story

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