DIY Alternative Reality Hut: fabulous places, speculative imaginings

How can we playfully inhabit this hiatus in the everyday? What liberties of childlike curiosity and questioning can this moment of confinement offer?

DIY alternative reality Hut is a participatory art-structure for playful and thoughtful engagement with the last week of level four lockdown in Aotearoa. Over this week, 22 – 27 I will be posting step-by-step guidelines on how to customise your lockdown zone into a smaller but more friendly Alternative Reality Hut. Each day will focus on ways in which you might reconfigure the t(objects, materials, furniture and other stuff) with whom you share your covid19 bubble. Each day you’re invited to share your observations and reimagining’s using any of the platforms. On the final two days of lockdown, Sunday 26 and Monday 27 April) all hut-builders are invited to join virtual meetups from within their alternative reality huts, to video-share their  DIY constructions and to share hopeful stories for alternative realities for our post-lockdown new normal. On the final day of level four lockdown, the project aspires to link a community of dispersed alternative reality huts to form an Alternative Reality City, a network of imaginative dwellings stretched out across Aotearoa.

Guidelines, handy hints and imaginative suggestions will be posted daily on Instagram and Facebook with the handle @alternativerealityhut.

Provisional dwelling space, RM Conversation Pit, RM Gallery and Art Project Space, 2019

Published by Jill Sorensen

Artist and Fine Arts Lecturer, interested in how we function internally and in relation to other humans and animals.

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