madonna and child

One day I looked at the drawing I had just completed and realised it was a Madonna and Child. It turned out that it was the first of a series of such drawings that took place over the next couple of years. Families, particularly mothers and children are recurring concern in my work, but these ones have particular theological leanings that differentiate them as representations of the Mother and Child.

Grace, 2007
Self-protrait as Eve Leaving the Garden of Eden, 2007
the Two Marys', 2006
Our Lady of the Uncomfortable Silence, 2006
Madonna and Child and the Girl Next-door
our Lady of the Roses, 2006
Hush Your Mouth V, 2007
Hush Your Mouth VI, 2007
Hush Your Mouth VII, 2007
The Virgin Reappearing on the Distant shore, 2005
The Sweetest Thing, 2005
The Restoration of Peace
The Lullaby

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