wall drawings

These wall drawings are translated from small sketchbook drawings via scanning, enlarging and printing out and taping together. They are then drawn over or ‘traced’ using carbon paper. This translation seems to place the drawing in an interesting mid-ground on a number of fronts – the intimacy of the hand drawn line is expanded in length but remains unchanged in width (the line on the wall is single pencil stroke, as is the line in the sketch book). This, combined with the slightly otherworldly blue tone, seems to cause the drawing to hover slightly above the plane of the wall.  In addition to this, the tracing/ drawing translation of the eyes and mouth results in them partaking equally of the drawn and the photographic, but not in the way of a drawing from a photograph, more in the manner of a hand drawn print.

The fine lines and  quality of  hovering makes them extremely difficult to photograph, they really are about the sensation in the space.

wall drawing, Pierce Gallery, Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, 2011
installation view – my wall drawings and Gabrielle Amodeo’s drawing exhausting a sheet of my used carbon paper.                    In A Chronological Manor, Blue Oyster Gallery, 2010
detail of wall drawing, Blue Oyster Gallery, 2010
wall drawing, Tauranga Art Gallery, 2010

bluetac and tape wall drawings

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