A Recipe For Personal Pleasure, Hastings City Art Gallery

22 April – 10 July

Akiko Diegel

Jill Sorensen

Leslie Falls

Nell Nutsford

“…art practice is dedicated to maintaining and renewing our ideas of happiness”.

                                                                                                                         Dave Hickey

This is not to suggest that the art maker’s objective is to give happiness to the viewer but that the concept of happiness is inherent within art practice. It clearly suggests that the joy experienced in the making of an artwork has the potential to transfer to the viewer of the work.

The four artists in this exhibition engage with the dynamic between pleasure, labor and transience of artifact.  Each, in her own way, stacks up the inconsequential against the arduous and comes up with a recipe for personal pleasure. This delight is evidenced through both quality and the quantity of the labor and, more importantly, through the transience of the artifact produced. Usually, labor is justified in an artifact that endures throughout time; only a fool would labor for an artwork that fades so soon. It is this very foolishness that alerts the viewer to pleasure and allows a vicarious tasting of this perverse delight.

gallery entrance
my floor work and wallpaper tracing on wall behind, leslie's blanket to right

my wallpaper work, Nell's drawings and photo behind
Akiko's bread tag wall work, Nell's drawings to right
Leslie's photos, Nell's photo to right
Akiko's projection at opening
exhibition opening

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