crochet carrot

I have been crocheting a large carrot, it is not a crafty feel-good thing, nor is it a post feminist reclaiming the soft arts thing. It is just that my my drawings have almost always been of crochet carrots, so it seemed only right. Suffice to say I will not be one of those grannies that sit around crocheting blankets as a recreational activity, though it does give me renewed respect for such tenacity.

i selected this carrot drawing from my drawing book number 1.

and this somewhat fleshy purplish merino wool

and made this 1.5 metre pattern

it will be filled with bean-bag beans, slightly under-filled for that slightly flacid carrot-like slump.

when it is finished it will be part of  the Gow Langsford Window project that I have been invited to take part in. I am putting in some of my sock ponies and wanted a large pink carrot to go with them. It opens 5 September, as an adjunct to their two galleries.  those of you who are in Auckland – please come along.


Published by Jill Sorensen

Artist and Fine Arts Lecturer, interested in how we function internally and in relation to other humans and animals.

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