planning your Alternative Reality Hut: who, how, where

Building an alternative reality hut should be undertaken as an imagination experiment. Imagine for a moment that things are real in the same way that you and I are real. Imagine that they have an actual, material existence that only partially coincides with our experience of them.  Pretend for a moment that objects have materialContinue reading “planning your Alternative Reality Hut: who, how, where”

The World is Enough: On Overmining and Undermining

Originally posted on Larval Subjects .:
It seems to me that one of the greatest ethical challenges for thought is to encounter the world as being enough. While ontology ought not be evaluated on ethical grounds (i.e., we shouldn’t let a set of ethical and political commitments determine what is or isn’t ontologically true), it is…

Conversation Pit #1

Thanks to Yasmina Giles, Hannah Potbury and Mark van Wetering for test-driving Conversaton Pit with me. The provocation for the first Conversation Pit was from Timothy Morton in Conversation with Verso Books focusing on the sections in which Morton introduces his term Subscendence and the possibility that ‘the whole is less than the sum ofContinue reading “Conversation Pit #1”

Red Orange Conversation Pit

I have titled my new art project Conversation Pit in romantic retro–speculation for the 1960s and 70s architectural phenomena of the conversation pit. Romantic because my knowledge of it is predominantly formed through Hollywood-mediated fiction; there was not a whiff of the conversation pit in my own rural New Zealand 70s era childhood. Retro –Continue reading “Red Orange Conversation Pit”