Hope Leaves The Body Slowly: the end.

Time Based project #1 Hope Leaves The Body Slowly At its inception hope fills the body in the way that air fills a balloon. From this point hope leaves the body. Slowly, imperceptibly at first. Hope leaves the body slowly. Long after the mind has made the cognition of failure the body still holds hope.Continue reading “Hope Leaves The Body Slowly: the end.”

Resisting societal Norms: Part Two

TOMORROW is the opening of Put Up Your Dukes! Part Two at Pearce Gallery. In anticipation here is part two of book 1. If you are in Auckland come along to the opening/ book launch at 5 – 7.30pm, Pearce Gallery 130 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell.      

Resisting Societal Norms

Resisting Societal Norms As part of Put Up Your Dukes! Gabrielle and I made a series of three books extrapolating upon and extending the thinking behind the project. Resisting Societal Norms provides background to the work in this project but also maps much of the territory that I am deeply interested in researching further. AsContinue reading “Resisting Societal Norms”

New Hairy Object

I made a new hairy object today. I was tidying up the studio and decided to re-crochet a failed carrot trial into an upright object with a base to fit a recommissioned trolley that was also waiting for a home. Guidelines for the undertaking were: taller than it is wide but remaining self supporting, withContinue reading “New Hairy Object”