Rm Conversation # 3: Between Elsewhere and Away

As a New Zealand European born in the sixties I have grown up in a society who belived itself to be cradled between infinate resourse and the no-place ‘away’. How do i now live, waking up to a biosphere in whom no material thing can be added or taken away, where everything that is somethingContinue reading “Rm Conversation # 3: Between Elsewhere and Away”

Rm Conversation Pit

THINKING SPACE Over the next twelve weeks Rm Archive will host Rm Conversation Pit, a series of habitable installations and amicable talking events. To introduce the conversations: Installation #0.5 Thinking Space/ Mind Picnic. A thinking and reading space and the opportunity book in for a conversation. Conversation #1   19 – 27 November­­ Sharing in anContinue reading “Rm Conversation Pit”

Conversation pit #4: Blanket Hut: sharing in an intimate world

Blanket Hut: sharing in an intimate world acknowledges the impossibility of maintaining an anthropocentric worldview[1] in an era of eco-crisis and invites us to tease out ways to orient ourselves within a biosphere in which we are continuous with the network of entities we previously called nature. If you are interested in joining this conversationContinue reading “Conversation pit #4: Blanket Hut: sharing in an intimate world”