….if you knew me.

I have curated an exhibtion at DEMO, Auckland NZ In 21st-century suddenly everyone cares about climate and how it might or might not be changing, the atmosphere is filled not just with CO2, but with information and misinformation, blame, denial and handwringing. Beneath this cloud of discord, hype and anxiety we collectively and individually faceContinue reading “….if you knew me.”

Conversation pit #4: Blanket Hut: sharing in an intimate world

Blanket Hut: sharing in an intimate world acknowledges the impossibility of maintaining an anthropocentric worldview[1] in an era of eco-crisis and invites us to tease out ways to orient ourselves within a biosphere in which we are continuous with the network of entities we previously called nature. If you are interested in joining this conversationContinue reading “Conversation pit #4: Blanket Hut: sharing in an intimate world”

Golden American Saddlebred

I got this horse in a mixed set of plastic animals at a $2 shop. He stands 14cm high and is slightly unbalenced, requiring a firm bend to his rear legs to get him to balence. He has become something of a muse for me, summing up the blend of fantasy, romance, deceit,  history andContinue reading “Golden American Saddlebred”

Thanks for making Art Ache great: we raised $1134.00 for the Red Cross Nepal Earthquke Fund!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported my Art Ache for Nepal night. The event was great fun and it was lovely to be supported by some many friends and family members. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to see some of my favorite drawings go to some of my favorite people,Continue reading “Thanks for making Art Ache great: we raised $1134.00 for the Red Cross Nepal Earthquke Fund!”